Thursday, March 6, 2014

So i was wrong

Funny how the tides flow and the world turns. Here I was exploring the depths of all my email, and lo and behold! A blog!

I had not the slightest recollection of the fact i had created this. I also feel bad because the topic of the continuation of that first blog was something that at the time made me quite angry, but now-a-days it is nothing but dust in the wind.

That is not to say there aren't many things that make me angry, because there are. Hell, most of you reading this have probably made me angry at one point or another, because that's how life works.

So let me give into that anger, but I am going to change things around. You will still get to read my very interesting words (don't deny it, you love them), but it will not be weekly, it will not have any set schedule, it shall happen whenever I see something that pisses me off.

Today i will start with something very simple. This commercial:

Now, overall its a simple commercial, an interesting approach to the whole "gas mileage" bit that people love. But overall, its a commercial that shows that being an asshole is the new norm.

The commercial starts with Stan, who is clearly a friendly person, everyone seems to like him, and he seems to like everyone. But seconds later, we are introduced to a character with no name, so I will refer to him as "Captain McDouchePants". Now, the good captain comes in, and I understand, a group of people all standing together might seem awkward and overwhelming, but DouchePants here is taking none of that. He goes and grabs a water, comes to the register, and says "Just That". Now notice, Stan is in line, paying for gas, but CDP doesn't care, hes on the road and has no time for manners, no time for a hello to the cashier, no time to ask the person who's clearly in line to find out if that is the case, nope, He is on a mission and that mission is to be an assclown (Hint: Mission achieved!). Honestly, after this behavior and with the clothes he is wearing, I wanted to tell the cop to go ahead and add some police brutality which could possibly help this man pull his head out of his ass.

But thats the obvious asshollery in this commercial. for me, there is one built in right into the theme. The commercial seems to think that being like Stan is a bad thing. What if Stan lives here, what if Stan has a very nice car, and this is just the one time in a month that he comes to his favorite gas station. What if all those people are just friends outside in the town/city, but happen to coincidentally meet here?

So fuck you Chevy, for treating being nice like its going out of fashion, and fuck you Captain McDouchePants, for showing us that you probly live alone because you piss everyone around you off.

Hope you have as much fun as i do.

Keeping a Good Vibe,
AJ Botero