Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And thus, let the hatred flow

You know what i hate? Of course you don't. if you did, you would be me, and if you are me, then there would be no sense in reading this blog. "But tell us AJ, why the hell did you create this, oh great, sexy, and smart one?". Ah, well its quite simple dear readers (read: minions), how can I, a son of the computer age explain the fact that I do not have a blog? I can't.

Thus, I then started the trip all great minds must take, what topic would the blog be about. Technology? No, too many changes, too many people already covering it, and i definitely don't have the resources to keep up with it. Reviews? No, too main stream, and frankly dear followers readers, I doubt that my reviews will be to your liking, seeing as i have simply tastes and a twisted sense of humor. And finally, it hit me. No need to conform to just one topic, truly the successful blogs and writings are those that cover many different angles. The next issue was that making it too vague would mean it would not garner enough enthusiasm for me to write about things. This is not a journal dear people-who-ended-here-randomly readers. That means I cannot just type a line about how shitty my day was and how i am going to go listen to some shitty emo band. No, this has to have content, and if there is one thing that causes content to flow out of me is to think about the things i hate. Now, I do not want you to be confused, overall, I am a very apathetic person. Making me put a topic on the level of hatred is uncommon, rare even, so the things that fall into this category must be commended.

Also, since this is an introductory piece, I must also warn you that English, the language that is, not the people, is not that of my native people. "What does this mean" you ponder. Well, it means if you do not like my grammar you can go fuck yourself. I will write many things that will be incorrect, but will do so because I find them to fit better that way. Consider me an Angry Dr. Seuss.

Finally, I will try to make this a weekly piece, an outlet for that which i pass off as creative. So keep tuned.

PS: next weeks topic:

MG Siegler

Hope you have as much fun as i do.

Keeping a Good Vibe,
AJ Botero